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Jessica Dela Rosa

Empowerment Speaker &

Stress Management Coach

Everyone wants to know what is the practical advice to get rid of overwhelming stress and burnout. There is a lot of advice out there telling us how to self care and reduce stress. If these are the things we need to do to eliminate overwhelming stress and burnout why aren't we doing them?

"I aim to inspire individuals, especially women, to take meaningful action. I am on a mission to motivate others to achieve their goals, by educating them on important issues like barriers to self-care, mental health and finding balance to their personal well being; so that they can show up in all areas of their lives with a full confidence, mental clarity and energy to live their lives between their work and their personal lives on their terms."


A corporate healthcare leader for over 10 years, and Registered Nurse for over 24 years, Jessica leverages on her own experiences, her successes and personal struggles, including her own experience with burnout, to engage her audience through story and with evidence-based science behind stress, burnout and why we should befriend our daily stress and stop fighting it.

A dynamic public speaker, Jessica presents in front of small and large audiences as a facilitator of discussion, a thought provoker, and a mindset changer.


"I enjoy brining out the diversity in audiences and engaging and connecting with people of all backgrounds. Whether I am speaking to a small group five people or a large audience of 100's, my goal is to inspire listeners to take practical action."

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Jessica R.Dela Rosa, MBA. MSN. RN. NPD-BC. CWP-NWI.


I am a Registered Nurse & Healthcare Leader with over 20 years of experience turned Certified Wellness Practitioner and Life Coach, and I share a wealth of knowledge in health promotion, stress management/ prevention, and behavior change for healthier habits and lifestyle.

Director of Healthcare Education, 2015 - current

Employee Wellness Committee Chair, 2023 - current

Wellness Life Coach, 2021 - current

Founder and CEO of Jessica Health Life Wellness Coaching, LLC, 2021 - current

Healthcare Educator, 2011 - current


Clinical Program Manager (Sepsis), 2013-2015

Critical Care Registered Nurse, 2000 -  2010

L. Moon

I encourage anyone looking to be healthier, both physically and mentally, to connect with Jessica. She’ll guide you along a journey of self-discovery to joy and letting go of things that no longer serve you!

A. Perez

My work life had taken over my personal life, and when Jessica came into the picture, she helped me incorporate things that I use to love back into my routine, so I could begin creating a work-life balance.

D. Nicolas

If you’re looking for direction, Jessica will help you learn how to use your compass and you’ll be better for it.
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